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Dr. T. C. Maxwell is a God chosen vessel to minister spiritual warfare to the 21st Century believers.  At the tender age of thirteen, he was called to preach the uncompromised Gospel to high school students. Dr. T.C. Maxwell has preached, taught, and conducted conferences, seminars and revival crusades nationwide.  By the age of nineteen, he was one of the youngest ordained elders in the Southeastern United States. He started the 11th Hour Blessing Radio Broadcast as a teenager which blessed many souls for the kingdom of God. To better prepare the man of God for the work of the ministry, the Lord blessed him with a wife, Apostle A. R. Maxwell over thirty years ago.  He is the father of two beautiful daughters, Teri Renee James (Cleon son-in-law) and Precious Jewel.

January of 1984, Faith Deliverance Tabernacle was birthed through fasting, prayer and obedience.  This ministry began in the living room of their home for several months, then to a storefront with people standing around the walls and outside the doors.  After this, the YMCA allowed the ministry to use their facilities.  One day after Godly counsel Dr. T.C. Maxwell and staff came to 1107 Northwest 6th Street, a inner city location and marched around this building seven times and prayed.  Surely God had a plan for this ministry and he established it.  Many battles have been fought; miracles, signs and wonders have been performed.

In September  of  2007, Faith Deliverance Kingdom Now was established in the metro Atlanta area,now have a new facility in new location in the beautiful city of Smyrna.

While reaching thousands of souls through preaching the gospel, Dr. TC Maxwell has published a series of books called, "Ignite the Warfare" and "The Authority of the Believer" which includes, The Dynamics of Spiritual Warfare Book Series. Dr. T.C. Maxwell with his wife has also ministered and reached out to millions through the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

​Dr. T.C. Maxwell is young enough to walk with Joshua and mature enough to sit with Moses.  Our prayers are that you will listen to the wisdom of this vessel and recognize that God still uses men for His will.  Dr. T.C. Maxwell teaches salvation, prosperity and deliverance through the total obedience of the will of God.






Apostle Audrey R. Maxwell of A.R.M. Ministries/W.O.W. (Women of Wisdom), under the covering of Apostle T. C. Maxwell (her husband), Founder and Overseer of P.R.O.C.L.A.I.M. Worldwide Inc. (Prophetic Restoration of Christian Leaders and International Ministries), was chosen, anointed and appointed by God because of her early submission, commitment and dedication to God. Her father who is her hero placed her in an environment of godliness. As a family, there was the reading of God's word; he also taught her to always pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. As a result of this, Prophetess Maxwell operates in the gift of the word of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy.

Apostle Maxwell accepted God's invitation to salvation in July of 1971. She had this personal encounter with God at the age of nine. Having received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, she immediately received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of tongues. As a youth, she believed and understood the messages that were preached, which were the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the reality of hell. For over twenty years Apostle A.R. Maxwell owned and operated Faith Deliverance Development Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a high school graduate of Nova High School in Davie, Florida; she holds the Directors Credential in Early Childhood Education from Broward Community College, Pompano Beach Florida. She has a Certification in Child Care Development and several Diplomas in Child Care Supervision and Child Care Operations from Orlando Technical Education Center; and earned her Bachelor's degree from Canon Bible College, Orlando Florida in Christian Counseling. While operating as a Prophet, God call Prophetess A. R. Maxwell and ordained her to serve as an Apostle in the winter of 2006.

Apostle Maxwell serves side by side in ministry as Prophet with her husband. She travels nationally and internationally ministering in conferences, seminars, and workshops as facilitator, teacher, and counselor. In her endeavor to assist her husband she continues to encourage and instruct women in the ways of God. She was impregnated with a leading desire to lead hurting and wounded women out of the bondage of uncontrolled fleshly desires, out of abuse, and out of the welfare mentality into the reality of spiritual warfare. She understood that through much fasting and prayer the anointing comes in and destroys yokes. Out of this great burden for women and youth was birthed God's Woman Developmental Institute (G. W. D. I.) This ministry was designed to help women achieve God's will in His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is believed to be the righteousness, peace and joy manifested in the life of the believer through the Holy Ghost (Romans 14:17).

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